Uptime Monitoring
& Status Pages

Easy & reliable monitoring solution.

  • 7 notification integrations
  • Custom domains
  • Versatile & tracked status pages
Uptime track your websites, servers and ports availability with ease.
Keep track of your Cron jobs and make sure they are actually running.
Monitor domain names expiration dates and SSL certificates.
Get notified when your domain DNS changes, track with ease.

Server monitors

Keep track of your resources on your Linux servers.

CPU usage and load
RAM usage
Disk usage
Custom usage alerts

Status pages

Display your monitor's stats transparently and beautifully to your visitors.

Visitors & pageviews analytics
Password protected
Lightweight, fast & SEO optimized
Advanced analytics & customizable pages


Get notified instantly when checks fail.

Custom failed checks triggers
Multiple channels at once
Understand why it failed
Leave notes for the incidents

140 useful tools

Web utility tools. Fast, reliable and easy to use.

DNS Lookup

Find A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, SOA DNS records of a host.

IP Lookup

Get approximate IP details.

SSL Lookup

Get all possible details about an SSL certificate.

Whois Lookup

Get all possible details about a domain name.


Ping a website, server or port.

Meta tags checker

Get & verify the meta tags of any website.

Website hosting checker

Get the web-host of a given website.

HTTP headers lookup

Get all the HTTP headers that an URL returns for a typical GET request.

Google cache checker

Check if the URL is cached or not by Google.

URL redirect checker

Check for 301 & 302 redirects of a specific URL. It will check for up to 10 redirects.

Reverse IP Lookup

Take an IP and try to look for the domain/host associated with it.

We have performed 4,819,496 checks for a total of 97 monitors.

Multiple locations
We check your monitors from multiple locations around the world.
Custom HTTP requests
Request method, request body, basic auth & custom request headers.
Custom HTTP responses
Set & expect a certain response from your monitors.
Beautiful email notifications
Get instant notifications when your tracked services go up or down.
Easiest way to categorize your managed resources.
Custom domains
Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones.

Get notified with ease

Countless notification integrations for any needs.

Microsoft Teams

Here's what people are saying

Samantha R., Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, ensuring that our systems are up and running 24/7 is paramount to our operations. With P1NG, we've been able to monitor our uptime effortlessly, and their status page provides us with real-time updates. Their service has significantly reduced our downtime and increased our efficiency. We highly recommend P1NG to any business in the hospitality sector looking for a reliable uptime monitoring solution.

Mark T., Owner, Luxury Resort

In the hospitality industry, a minute of downtime can mean lost bookings and unhappy customers. P1NG has been a game-changer for us. It's easy to use, reliable, and the team behind it is incredibly responsive. We've seen a drastic reduction in our downtime since we started using P1NG. It's the best investment we've made for our business.

Justin L., IT Manager, Boutique Hotel

P1NG is an excellent uptime monitoring and status page provider. It's been instrumental in helping us maintain our online booking system's availability, ensuring we never miss a potential customer. The interface is user-friendly, and their customer support is top-notch - they're always ready to assist. If you're in the hospitality industry and need a reliable uptime monitoring service, look no further than P1NG.

Choose the plan that is right for you and your budget.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Unlimited monitors
0 Ping locations
Unlimited heartbeats
Unlimited domain names
0 DNS monitors
0 server monitors
Unlimited status pages
Unlimited projects
Unlimited custom domains
Unlimited days data retention
Unlimited days status pages statistics retention
Multiple notification handlers
Included analytics
QR code builder
Password protection
Removable branding
Custom back-half URL
Block search engine indexing
Custom CSS
Custom JS
API access
No Ads

Answers for your common questions

P1NG is an uptime monitoring and status page provider specifically designed for the hospitality sector. It constantly checks your website and services to ensure they are up and running. If any downtime is detected, P1NG alerts you immediately so you can take necessary action. It also provides a status page where you can communicate with your customers about any ongoing issues.

P1NG can greatly improve your customer service by ensuring your digital services are always available. By detecting and alerting you of any downtime, it allows you to fix issues quickly, minimizing disruption to your customers. The status page also enhances transparency with your customers, as you can provide real-time updates on site issues and expected resolution times.

P1NG uses advanced technology to monitor your website and services round-the-clock. If any downtime is detected, P1NG will immediately send you an alert via email, SMS, or push notification, depending on your preference. This allows you to act quickly and ensure your services are back up as soon as possible.

Yes, P1NG allows you to fully customize your status page. You can personalize it to match your brand, including your logo, colors, and messaging. This ensures a consistent experience for your customers, even when there are issues with your site or services.

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